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1 to 1 ! MS Excel Session

Feed Your Need
It is very important to analyze the need for Training along with the level of knowledge you require. This session give you a liberty to choose the modules you need, discuss it with the trainer how you want to be delivered, decide the place at your convenience and allocate number of hours to solve your problem.
Select this course Whether
  • You are a career progressing individual who needs personal attention and solve problems in excel.
  • You are a high-profile manager who review, and analyses excel sheets to create and present desired output.
  • You are working on a project from your organization and looking forward on expert help for some of the areas.
Why to prefer 1 To 1
  • Customize the training modules for return of time investment.
  • Decide the level from Intermediate, Advance, Power User or Dashboard Reporting.
  • Define and achieve the training objective with no diversion from the actual need.
  • Focus on the problem solving of your daily excel worksheets.
  • Select the time slot available of your choice including non-working days.