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  • One Day Training Workshop
  • Two Day Traning Workshop
GCC-VAT Beyond Accounting

GCC VAT ! Get Ready For Business Transformation

Oct 21 & 22, 2017


USD 490

per participant

VAT in the GCC
  • Overview on GCC VAT Framework
  • What is Value Added Tax (VAT)?
  • Common Framework for GCC Countries & Local Legislations
  • Challenges in Framework & Member Countries Local Legislative
  • Operational Conflicts in VAT Framework – Taxed & Non Taxed Regime Members

Simulation: Practical scenario of a company operating simultaneously in different tax regimes. Participants will learn how to handle technical & business issues to excel and retain market share by redesigning business model.

VAT Strategy Review for Organizations
  • VAT Frame Work VS Local Legislation – Interpretation Challenges
  • How VAT will Effect Your Company
  • What is VAT Strategy & How it can be aligned with Business Strategy
  • Strategy Formulation Models
  • Strategic Planning for VAT & Process Alignment
VAT – Challenges to Businesses
  • Changing Reins of Powers
  • Business Impact – Margins, Pricing & Cash Flows
  • Procurement – Cost, Price Hikes & Tax Saving Opportunities
  • Supply Chain – Maintaining Value Chain
  • Contracts: Renegotiation & Redrafting
  • Compliance – Governance & Control Issues
VAT Calculation
  • VAT Calculation & Implication
  • Input & Output Tax
  • Standard Rated, Zero Rated & Exempt Supplies
  • Calculation & Reporting Challenges
  • Complex Transactions in VAT

Simulation Game: Participants will get a comprehensive review of VAT implementation ranging from Inventory Management to VAT processing, recording & periodical reporting in the form of a Board Game.

VAT Operational & Transitional Challenges
  • Impact Analysis & Due Diligence
  • Revisit to Business Model & Competitiveness
  • Market Share Retention & Management
  • Pricing Strategies & Transfer Pricing Issues
  • Business Process Redesign & Reengineering

Group Challenges: Participants will undergo group challenge situation in which they will try to improve their business position from competitor groups through adopting suggested remedies to challenges given. They will experience the results of their decision at the end of exercise.

VAT – Challenges Marketing, Costs & Profitability
  • Capacity Building
  • Are We Ready – People, Technology & Leadership
  • How VAT Implementation can be used as “Blessing in Disguise”.
  • Cost Control Reduction & Tax Mitigation Techniques
  • Cash Flow Challenges & Working Capital Management
VAT – Roadmap to Implementation
  • Step by Step Journey to Jan 2018
  • Pre Assessment – Review of Current State
  • Impact Assessment – What, When, Why & How to Change
  • Design Implantation – Phased Planning
  • Live & Go
  • VAT Implementation, framework & Legislative Challenges
  • Competence & Skill Set Required by People, System & Leadership
  • VAT Calculations, Ingredients & Reporting Framework
  • Disruptions on Procurement, Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Financial, Business & Marketing impact - Pre & Post Implementation
  • Roadmap & Transitional Challenges in VAT implementation
  • Transfer Pricing & VAT
  • CFO
  • Managers & Senior Managers Finance
  • Tax & Accounting Professionals
  • Internal Auditors
  • Procurement & Budgeting Managers
  • Supply Chain Professionals
  • Strategic Professionals
  • VAT Accounting Case Study Approach)
  • Impact Analysis (Board Game)
  • Transitional Challenges (Simulation Exercise)
  • Process Re-Design & Implementation (Project Management Approach)

GCC Vat is the most discussed issue in today’s Corporate World. VAT Framework was the most sought document in 2016 still testing patience of intended recipients. Businesses are interested in knowing the impact of VAT in precision to each and every area of their business. It’s no more an accounting issue but a business challenge necessitating businesses managers of every section to be on board to contribute their part in strategizing, planning and implementation.

This training program is entirely different from stereotyped rhetoric of understanding VAT but invites participants to see, understand and counter VAT related business challenges through experiencing disruption in the form of simulation, board game and scenarios.

Course Director

Aly Rehan Khan - ACMA –CGMA, CIMA UK

He is also a Diplomat Associate of Institute of Bankers.

He holds 9 years of experience of working with a global bank in various capacities. He bears extensive training experience in the government and private sector in UAE from mid to senior management.

Aly Rehan is a highly profound and effective corporate trainer with decades long experience in numerous industries including banking, manufacturing and training. Currently engaged with top training and consulting companies in Middle East as freelance trainer and consultant and working for development of most precious resource of business organization i.e. their employees.

His key topics include IFRS, Financial Management, Financial Control, Financial Statement Analysis, Cash Flow Management, Strategic Management, Global Corporate Reporting, Corporate Governance and Reporting.

Besides an Associate of Certified Management Accountant and Certified Global Management Accountant from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants UK ACMA &CGMA, he holds a similar qualification in Management Accountancy from Pakistan. He is also a Diplomat Associate of Institute of Bankers, Pakistan and a to be Chartered Accountant from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.

He has a 9 years of experience of working with a global bank in various capacities including head of their training college, a four year articles with a reputed chartered accountant firm.

Following are his recent engagements:
  • Conducted VAT in-house training program “VAT Implementation Roadmap” for Talal Abu Ghazaleh, Bahrain.
  • Conducted two day workshop on “GCC VAT Transitional Planning” attended by senior managers of companies from KSA, QATAR, Bahrain and Kuwait.
  • Conducted Seminar on “GCC VAT Implementation Roadmap” attended by over 200 professionals.
  • Conducted Two in-house Sessions for Import & Export Team of Al Bayader International of “Foreign Trade, Letter of Credit & Uniform Customs & Practices for Documentary Credit (UCP 600).
  • Three Session of Three Days Workshop on “International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for Abu Dhabi Airport Company (ADAC) from the Platform of Gulf Center for Aviation Studies (GCAS).
  • Conducted five days training on “Fraud Detection, Prevention & Investigation” for Government of Afghanistan under World Bank Donors Capacity Building Program in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Training on “Finance for Non Finance Managers” for Ferrari World.
  • Two days workshop on “Commercial Contracts Management” for Oman Oil Refineries.
  • Two days workshop on “Payable Management” for Oman Shipping, Muscat Oman.
  • Three days’ workshop on “Quality Control in Financial Sector” for NCB Al Ahli Bank, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Three days’ workshop on “Business Development, Planning & Implementation” with Etisalat Academy.
  • Conducted In-House Program on “Value Added Tax & Capacity Planning” for top packaging company in UAE.
  • Conducted Workshop on “VAT Calculation, Implication & Management” attended by top finance officials from Retail, Packaging & Service Industry.
  • Conducted Training on “Technical Cost Management Techniques” for Leadership of SVITZER.
  • Conducted in house training on “Procurement & Inventory Management” for Al Bayader International.
  • Conducted training on “Financing Foreign Trade” for team of National Bank of Fujairah, (NBF).
  • Conducted training sessions for team of Du tech on Financial Analysis.
  • Conducted In-house training on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for International Cricket Council (ICC) finance team – November 2015.
  • Conducted In-house training on “Process Value Management” for Dubai Trade.
  • Conducted Procurement training for Oman General Insurance, UAE team.

VAT Accounting Board Game