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Customer Service Excellence

19 & 20 March 2017


USD 1100

per participant

This interesting program is about one of the most important subjects that everyone needs to know its secrets - regardless of his position, managerial level or type of organization he works in.
In this program; trainees will enjoy an interesting journey where they will:
  • Learn great deal of information & knowledge about customer service excellence.
  • Learn how to put knowledge into action & use.
  • Learn the impact of this subject on personal & professional life.
Program Content
The importance of customer service
  • Excellence in customer service is an important factor and a prerequisite for organizational excellence.
  • The core of customer service is “Ethics”, and it is the art of dealing with others.
  • Which organizations need to excel in customer service?
  • Benefits of excellence in customer service
  • '
  • The difference between customer service and customer experience.
Better understanding of customer service core components
  • How many types of customers do you have? and what are they?
  • The difference between “client” and “customer”.
  • The different types of customers’ personalities.
  • Client’s expectation from your product or service?
  • What is Customer’s loyalty?
  • Are your customers loyal and act as ambassadors to your company? Or they are angry and unhappy about your service?
  • How do you select your customer care team?
  • How to reward the qualified team members?
  • What is CRM?
Dealing with customers’ complaints as customers’ gifts to your organization.
  • Managing your customers’ complaints (Customers’ gifts).
  • Turning customers’ complaints into chances for improvement and development.
  • Become a PROACTIVE in gathering customers’ feedback, and avoid being REACTIVE by waiting customers to complain.
Levels of customers’ satisfaction and the “How of WOW”
  • Levels of customers’ satisfaction towards your service or product (Bad, fair, good, very good & excellent).
  • The WOW service!!
  • How to delight customers?
Brain storming on some controversial topics related to customer service:
  • Is: Customer always right?!
  • Do we need to spend a lot of money to please and satisfy customers?!
  • Can we distinguish between customers?
  • Is it true that creative ideas and best practices of customer service suit others and may not suit us?!
Communication with customers (Internal and external customers).
  • Ways of communication with customers.
  • Traits of effective communication.
  • Smile, it is the key for hearts and the shortest distance between two people.
  • The fault of anger (By customer or by you), and how to deal with angry customer and difficult personalities?
  • Do you really listen to customers (Effective listening)?
  • What does your customer like/dislike to hear from you?
  • Dress to impress and look like a star… How can service provider dress to leave positive impression?
  • Leaving the right “First Impression” about you and your product, service and organization.
Who Should Take This Course?

It is highly recommended that this course is attended by all staff from all managerial levels, because the culture of c u s t o m e r s e r v i c e excellence is a critical part of any organizational culture.

  • Realizing the importance of customer service in a very competitive environment.
  • Understanding the best techniques of managing customer’s expectations.
  • Satisfying customers and exceeding their expectations.
  • Dealing with customers’ feedback, and responding appropriately to solve their problems.
  • Treating customers’ feedback and complaints as Customers’ Gifts.
  • Understanding the key communications skills that help organizations to WOW their customers.
The Approach

The training approach is based on learning by interaction and fun. The aim will be to improve conceptual clarity about fundamental concepts and topics of the program.

The training will be highly interactive and all participants will be encouraged to share their ideas, and they will be motivated to contribute to the learning process, actively seek answers to their questions and build their confidence and maximize the benefits of learning.

Approach will be far a way of the typical lecture style. Trainer will focus more on using Visual.Hearing.Feeling VHF tools instead of traditional speech style.

Course Facilitator
Ezzeddin Khaled Ahmad

He is bachelor in Business Administration from Jordan University in Amman, and also completed key executive programs in management and business. He carry more than 18 years experience in customer service, marketing, business development as well as middle & senior level managerial skills gained with a number of key companies in Dubai.

Utilizing his diverse & solid working experience & my study specialty in business; he designed & implemented key and unique training programs in several cities. He Deliver training programs in a unique style and strive to present the best knowledge in an interesting & interactive methods; helping and guiding trainees to put the knowledge they learn into action. I also present a unique “One to One Coaching” for various trainees like executives, managers, employees and students to meet their diverse and different training needs.

Examples of key training programs are “Excellence in Customer Service”, “Time & Work Stress Management”, “Superior Communication Skills”, “Creativity & Innovation”, “Secrets of Success & Motivation” & “Protocol & Etiquettes of Using Your Business Email”.

Examples of key clients are Etisalat Academy - UAE, Emirates Institute for Banking & Financial Studies (EIBFS), Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA), Tasheel Governmental Services Centers – UAE, The National HR Development & Employment Authority (TANMIA) –UAE, National Consultative Council – UAE, Majid Al Futtaim group – Dubai, Sharjah Customs, General Civil Aviation Authority - UAE, Dubai Islamic Bank, Dubai Courts, Shaqraa' University - KSA, Abu Dhabi Finance co., Abu Dhabi Media co., Federal Electricity & Water Authority (FEWA) - UAE, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, Al Nabooda Group – UAE, Emaratech – UAE, Tamleek co. – UAE, Electronic Documents Center – UAE, Supreme Council of Family Affairs – Sharjah, Dubai Customs, Rasgas – Qatar, Sharjah Islamic Bank, Dubai Land Department, Emirates NBD bank, Key national & international banks & insurance companies working in UAE (Among others).