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Master Strategic Thinking

Master Strategic Thinking

2 & 3 May 2017


USD 1100

per participant

This two-day intensive Work-Out in Cunning Strategic Thinking and Planning gives you the structure, the tools and the process to develop a truly exciting and do-able Plan and to deliver it too. Whilst theoretically grounded it is eminently practical. It has come out of nearly thirty years of continued evolution and testing in real life businesses.
Although Strategy Management has been kicking around for around fifty years, it still suffers from many defects:

  • It isn’t truly integrated: it has isolated elements like Vision, Goals, Financials, Action Plans –without true glue.
  • It is often not really evidence based and lacks market and competitive insight.
  • It frequently relies just on a couple of tools like SWOT and PEST and omits crucial ingredients like Strategic Gap Analysis, Competitive Dynamics and Economic Value and Uncertainty Analysis.
  • It fails to deal with implementation difficulty and takes stakeholder buy-in as more or less as a given.
  • The decisions and plans are at best, average and are not really truly “cunning” at all.

This Work-Out avoids these traps and does A LOT MORE.

Course Pre-Work
It is essential to prepare for this experience which involves:
  • Reading two very short articles by the Program Director on strategy
  • Doing a very quick psychometric on your strategic thinking and strategic influencing skills
  • Doing some strategic analysis on one of your own businesses

The Journey begins here with the pre-work –this is not a two day holiday!

How This Course Will Benefit You?
In this exciting two day event, you will work on some real strategic case studies and gain first-hand experience of creating inventive strategies. You are also invited to bring some of your own business challenges and to actually work on them alongside other senior managers in order to develop some highly inventive strategic plan on Day Two.

Things which you will get out of this course are:
  • A comprehensive toolkit for use in your organization
  • Insights into your strategic issues with breakthrough potential and Resilience Testing
  • Greatly enhanced Strategic Thinking, Implementation and Influencing skills
  • Skills of Economic Analysis
  • Deeper insights into how strategy processes need to be best operated and supported: such as annual plans, strategic projects, scenario thinking etc.
Learning Process
The learning process will begin with a concrete example of model via case studies and then working in trios to apply this to one’s own issues, sharing these within the learning trio. It will be based on highly interactive and experiential methodology. You will create a Road map that guides us through the tools as a totally integrated process.
Who Should Attend
Senior managers involved in either Strategy Development or Implementation or both. Senior Professionals who have departmental or business responsibility for Finance, Planning, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations and Business Development.
Case Study
  • Virgin Galactic
  • Manchester United
  • Dyson Applliances
  • Metrobank ( a "Challenger Bank")
The Program Journey
DAY ONE: Strategic Thinking and the Cunning Plan
  • Introduction, Objectives & Expectations
  • Strategy and “Helicopter Thinking”
  • Strategy as the “Cunning Plan”

Case Study: Virgin Galactic, sub orbital “budget” space travel

  • Inside the strategy process? Breaking this down into e.g. diagnosis, option generation, evaluation, planning, implementation etc: demystifying some of the key concepts
  • Generating strategic options: case study Virgin Galactic (budget space travel)
  • Evaluating these with the Strategic Option Grid

Case Study: Breakthrough thinking in the retailbanking industry – Metrobank.

  • Challenging the sixth competitive force: the industry mind set
  • Analysis of Metrobank against one of its peers
  • Testing the strategy: exploring how either Metrobank can develop further or how a competitor might respond
  • Introducing scenario story telling techniques in the context of retail banking

Case Study: Dyson appliances Using Deep Dive techniques

  • Evolving innovative options and evaluating these for a competitor using the “Deep Dive techniques for strategic attractiveness” financial attractiveness-to refine plans
  • Using the “Deep Dive techniques for implementation difficulty, uncertainty and risk and stakeholder acceptability” -to refine plans
DAY TWO: Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Review of Day One and the Cunning Checklists
  • Input on Strategic Gap Analysis , Breakthroughs and the Strategic Planning Process
  • Work on establishing current position for one of your own businesses: the environment (including competitive pressure), attractiveness and competitive positioning
  • Evaluation of Strategic options using the Strategic Option Grid –and with the “GE” General Electric Grid
  • Evolving the cunning plan for one or more of your strategic options
  • Dealing with implementation and change hurdles
  • More on managing stakeholder dynamics: “Cunning Influencing”
  • Using the “Mini Strategy Process” for a more micro strategic problem
  • Distilling the Strategic Lessons from the Work Out
  • Action Planning, handover of learning reinforcement materials
Course Facilitator
Dr Tony Grundy

MBA Cass Business School
Ph.D Cranfield School of anagement

Tony is a Chartered Accountant who has held senior finance positions in industry with BP, ICI and in an international retailer before consulting with KPMG and PA Strategy Consultants. After his MBA, he setup his independent strategy consultancy 27 years ago. He has a unique career as a practitioner (as a senior manager, strategy consultant and Non-Exec Director), and also as Business School teacher and researcher.

Tony has a very pragmatic focus and also a very lively and interactive style on executive programmes.

He is also a very experienced strategy facilitator and coach, and has consulted across Europe and globally, including work with many household names, such as: HSBC, Microsoft, Pfizer, RBS, Standard Life, Tesco, Vodafone, BP, BUPA & Dyson. Tony also played a major role in Ford’s acquisition of its four wheel drive the Discovery from BMW and in Easyjet’s strategy for baggage charging. He also facilitated the Corporate Planning review of John Menzies plc.

He is author of nineteen books on business and management including “Demystifying Strategy” and “Demystifying

Strategic Thinking –Lessons from Leading CEO’s” which contains ground-breaking research. He teaches Strategy and Corporate Finance at Henley and Strategy at Warwick Business School in parallel with his independent strategy consultancy. He has also been a Non-Executive Director of the first Budget Health Club group in the UK. He thus, has the perfect blend of world class management process, management theory and practicality.