MASTERCLASS ON Mergers and Acquisitions


In the aftermath of the financial crisis and with relatively high stock values, many large and middle sized businesses are starting to look around to assess opportunities for takeover and mergers of battered competitors. Mergers and Acquisitions activity is already gathering global pace but to properly assess the value, you need to be comprehensively on the cutting edge of developments and benefit from specialized global expertise.

This highly practical and intensive two-day Mergers and Acquisitions Masterclass will provide a thorough understanding of the financial, strategic and legal aspects of the takeover areas, whether you might eventually be buying or selling in an incisive and comprehensive fashion. The course is designed to be very interactive and wide ranging; from planning for deals right across through to post acquisition integration, each stage is thoroughly treated to boost your understanding and competence so you can manage the process effectively.

Whether you are planning a predatory takeover, thinking through due diligence and structuring, valuing assets, involved in a private or public deal, or at the stage where you need to negotiate and document the deal, this course will add value to your competencies so you will be on top of your game. Further, those looking to make an astute sale will also benefit as we assess various techniques, exit strategies and takeover defences that very few experts have mastered.

This Mergers and Acquisitions course is tailored for professionals like CFOs, Middle Bank Managers, savvy Investors, Senior Business Executives, Investment Bankers and Lawyers. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from Global Experts that can answer your queries and help you prepare in hands on fashion and teach you how to prevent problems.

Here's how you benefit from this course
  • Underlying corporate finance issues are explained so you understand the core issues in a transaction
  • The M&A process for both public and private transactions are explained so you will know how to handle both types of M&A situations
  • The reasons why most deals fail and only some are successful are laid out so you can learn from other’s past mistakes and prevent you from making the same mistakes
  • You are given M&A strategies that help you handle a successful deal
  • Issues such as procedures, complications of due diligence are explained so you have an idea of what to expect in a deal every step of the way
  • You will understand the rationale of M&A compared with organic growth or joint ventures so you can determine if an M&A deal is right for you
  • Understand the process of buying/selling a private company so you don't end up on the short end of the deal
  • Develop a financial model to evaluate opportunities so you have a tool you can always use to help you make better decisions
  • Learn about all the potential takeover defenses that you can implement or will have to overcome in private deals
  • Appreciate that the battle isn’t over until a successful post-acquisition plan is in place
  • Investment Bankers & Executives involved in negotiating and documenting Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Venture Capitalists involved in Acquisition
  • Corporate Finance Executives
  • Heads of Legal Departments in Banks, Corporate and Financial Institutions
  • In-house Lawyers and Legal Counsels in Corporate and Financial Institutions
  • Session 1: Preparing for the Acquisition
  • Session 2: Due Diligence
  • Session 3: The Seller’s Viewpoint and Preparation
  • Session 4: The Buyer’s Viewpoint and Preparation
  • Session 5: Workshop - Preparation & Due Diligence (Hewlett-Packard & Compaq)
  • Session 6: Structuring the Transaction
  • Session 7: Effective Valuation Techniques
  • Session 8: Workshop - Structuring & Valuation
  • Session 9: Funding the Acquisition
  • Session 10: Legal Deal Protection Devices
  • Session 11: Workshop - Complex Financing Deals (The Bradford Case)
  • Session 12: Processes for Different Types of Transactions
  • Session 13: Key issues in Public Mergers
  • Session 14: Takeover Defences in Private Deals
  • Session 15: Acquisition Agreements – Structure and Legal Issues