Action Centred Leadership


At the heart of John Adair’s leadership philosophy is the three overlapping core responsibilities that identify your role as a manager. This course has been developed to provide you with the skills to apply the three-circle model at a practical level and benefit from the results. The course will give you the opportunity to understand the nature and practice of good leadership to make you a more effective leader, colleague and team member for the benefit of your business.


This course has been specifically developed for team leaders and managers that understand the value both personally and professionally of developing practical leadership skills.

Attending this training programme will
  • Highlight the qualities which make a good leader and help you identify personal goals which you can use as an on-going personal development project back at work
  • Introduce you to the key principles of Action CENTRED Leadership which has been developed from 30 years of research and development by John Adair
  • Explain how to facilitate a structured review of individual and team performance back at work
The Reasons for the course; the aims of the course. Task Balls
  • Exercise
What is Leadership
  • Exercise
  • Practical Tasks - Cards
The functional leadership model
The leadership assessment - observation sheet.
Tea / Coffee Break
Analysis & Discussion
Practice in Observing Leadership
Practical Task: Jigsaw Puzzle
Satellite Theories
Practical Task: Letter Point
A decision - making group Exercise
  • Exercise
Prayer/Lunch Break
Theories on Motivation
Tower Contract
Analysis & Discussion
Practice in identifying and observing leadership
Tea/Coffee Break
  • Video
Action Plans
Wrap Up