Building and refining employee’s ability to create a stronger team culture and enhance self-leadership skills directly affect your organization’s success. This course gives organization an opportunity to shape and nurture its emerging talent into future successful managers and business leaders of tomorrow.

The course will allow you to ready yourself for greater responsibility by developing your own leadership style, building teams and working with senior management for organizational change, culture of innovation and strategy implementation. Leadership issues and its importance will be discussed in depth with emphasis on the team work and how to develop a strong and motivated team that can meet the business challenges.

This course will take participants through expert content in a fast-paced interactive format. Participants will be put into situations where they must flex their own leadership and team building skills to drive high performance.


This course has been designed for managers and leaders who are responsible to coach, secure commitment and obtain superior performance from the people they manage. The course is also extremely relevant for those who are transitioning to the level of leading teams and stepping up to management.

Seasoned managers who want to brush up their leadership skills and get some actionable tools will also find this course very useful. Individuals seeking to maximize their effectiveness while gaining confidence and skills for high performance and direct reports of a senior manager who need them to be more self-reliant can also gain a lot from this course.

  • Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Inspire & Motivate sub-ordinates and teams
  • Manage Interpersonal relationships at the new level
  • Apply Situational Leadership to everyday challenges
  • Prioritize tasks and delegate effectively
  • Create a culture of Innovation & Experimentation
  • Assist top management in Planning & Execution of Strategy & Change
Module 1: Leader’s DNA
Activity: Catching through Coaching Understanding the Leadership Challenges
Being a Boss vs. Being a Leader - When to Lead & When to Manage

Activity: Perception & Perspectives Know your Style – Know their Style – Understanding the Sub-ordinates
Situational Leadership – Task-oriented vs. People-oriented Situations
Video Discussion: Same Old Childhood Story in a Different Way Establishing your Credibility as a Leader
Words & Phrases that destroy Credibility & Authority
Why Emotional-Intelligence Quotient (EQ) matters at Workplace Case Study: CEO of a Manufacturing Company The Secret behind Inspiration: Leaders and Organizations that Inspire Case Study: Why Apple & Google are so Different Carving your Personal Leadership Development Plan: The Three Circles
Module 2: People Management
STO Model Constructive Feedback or Information Compulsion? - Case Study: Value Adding CEO & the Packaging of a New Product
Restaurant X or Restaurant Y? Communication Techniques for Leading Teams
Listening for Attention - Impact of “Just the Facts” Style - Case Study: Management Meeting at World’s Prestigious R&D Organization
Activity: The Story of Tom Wright The Communication Style Matrix – When to use which Style?
Building & Leading an Effective Team
Leading for Motivation - Case Study: Case of Two Contrasting Team Approaches & their Implications
Conducting Effective Team Meetings – Tool: A Typical Team Meeting Cycle Aligning the Passion Triggers of Team – Case Study: Go, Work for Yahoo!
Leader’s Toolkit: The Vision Trilogy & SMART Goal Setting - Case Study: John F Kennedy & the Space Race
Video Discussion: Kids Football Team Managing your Time & Priorities
Empowerment & Delegation – Case Study: Abid Khan at a Car Assembly Plant
Core Activity 1: Leading for Results – The Marsh Mallow Challenge
Module 3: Innovation, Culture, Strategy & Change Alignment
An Ideal Innovation Climate – Culture of Risk & Experimentation
The Institutional “Yes” - Case Study: Amazon & P&G
Getting Strategy Implemented
Why Leaders have a high Strategy Implementation Failure Rate? - Case Study: The Fast Food Chain
The ice-berg that sinks Organizational Change
The Change Response Bell Curve & What to do about it?
Building, Reshaping & Leveraging Networks for Change Management
Culture eats Strategy for Break-fast: The soft dimensions of Strategy & Change - Case Study: Google – Promoting Innovation through Organizational Culture
Core Activity 2: Spot the Key Traits
Summary, Review & Future Plan of Action
Delegates will complete an action plan to commit themselves to new practices on return to work.