This highly practical and tactical workshop will provide both the experienced and novice sales managers with tools, models, case studies and proven methodologies for driving sales revenue in even the most competitive of markets. Learn the science of driving sales production upwards. Discover what it really takes to motivate a sales team to deliver consistent sales results... month in and month out.
Course Objectives
As a result of attending this workshop, sales managers will learn
  • The successful sales management “secret-sauce” most sales managers don’t know.
  • Why 49% of sales people will never achieve quota... and exactly what can be done about it!
  • The simple Formula every sales manager must know to increase revenue raising efforts.
  • The proven and most dependable way of getting your sales team focused and closing more sales, quicker and consistently.
  • Why 62% of sales managers don’t deliver sales results.
  • How to find an additional 5 hours a week to work pro-actively ‘on the business.
  • Learn the 2 key ingredients for rapidly building a sales plan that will have your sales people achieving their sales quota’s consistently month in and month out.
  • Discover the simple 3 step account planning process that your sales people can easily apply to grow their wallet share of any account.
  • The sales management formula that drives sales productivity, sales effectiveness and individual motivation.
  • Learn the 4 types of sales people and how to drive each to achieve their sales goals. And much more…
Sales leaders, team leaders and managers from all industries who handle sales and want to
  • Develop their sales management skills.
  • Improve the performance of their team.
  • Build and retain a successful and sustainable sales team.
Session 1: Exploring 5 Key Strategies That Every Sales Manager Must Know to Achieve More Sales, Faster and at Higher Margins
  • Introduction to the 5 key strategies that drive sales management success.
  • The simple formula every sales manager must know to achieve more sales, faster and at higher margins.
  • Understand the core functions of sales leadership as it relates to the sales managers role in leveraging their time, people and resources.
  • The #1 focus of the world’s top sales managers (Where to spend 68% of your time to be an effective sales manager)
Session 2: Establishing A High Performance Sales Culture
  • Understanding the importance of establishing clear expectations and performance boundaries both up and down the organizational ladder.
  • Implementing the 3 step expectation discussion process for setting clear expectations for appropriate behaviour and teamwork.
  • Ending the war between Sales & Marketing: Why Sales & Marketing fight each other & what to do about it?
  • Understanding the importance of creating a “Playing above the line” sales team culture as a vehicle for creating engagement, positivity, proactivity, creativity, innovation and problem solving.
  • Implementing the 7 step “Playing above the line” process that promotes team motivation and a culture of high achievement.
Session 3: Employ The Secret Strategy Used by The World’s Best Sales Managers to Achieve Their Sales Numbers Consistently
  • The number 1 strategy of the world’s best performing sales managers… bar none!
  • Understanding what it takes to implement a regular practice of individualised sales performance coaching into your business.
  • The 6 hats of a sales performance coach – Recognizing which is your own dominant hat.
  • The single most important factor when coaching sales people to deliver results.
  • How to set up a coaching session with even the most difficult sales person.
Session 4: Driving Up Sales Productivity by Transferring Responsibility Saving You 5 Hours A Week Whilst Your Sales People Achieve More Willingly
  • Viscerally understanding, the process of responsibility transference. Blind fold walk exercise and debrief.
  • The 5 structured steps a sales manager must undertake to drive sales performance activity.
  • Sales performance coaching activity.
  • The difference between sales performance coaching and “in-field” coaching.
  • What to do to get sales people to change their dysfunctional sales behaviours.
  • Wrap up day 1. List “Best Ideas” - List actions.
Session 5: Building an Effective Sales Plan That Drives Sales Delivery
  • Review day 1
  • Prepare sales people to set easily executable tactical sales plans and objectives with definite time lines.
  • How to rapidly build a tactical sales plan.
  • The 3 step key account planning process to grow wallet share of an account.
Session 6: Rapidly Understand The Sales Management Formula That Drives Sales Productivity, Sales Effectiveness and Individual Motivation
  • Understanding the sales management formula that drives sales productivity, sales effectiveness and individual motivation.
  • How to drive up sales productivity.
  • Establishing Productive Sales Time Percentage: The 4 Step Calculation.
  • The 5 step “Productive Time” audit.
Session 7: The secret to creating consistent sales, month in and month out.
  • Sales performance process – the critical key to consistent sales delivery
  • Measuring the “Key Sales Advancing Events”.
  • How to increase sales peoples effectiveness with the customer
Session 8: The 9 Steps to Increasing The Effectiveness and Capability of Your Sales Team
  • Increasing the effectiveness and capability of your sales team that deliver sales results
  • Why your sales training fails to deliver a return on investment.
  • The two most effective models for teaching sales skills and behavioural change.
  • The 9 steps to developing skill and behavioural change that deliver sales results.
  • The #1 limiter of all sales people… procrastination and how to change it.
  • Wrap up day 2