Digital Marketing


The mobile platform is becoming an integral part of all that is digital. Yet, out of the overall Rs 38.4 billion ad spend in Pakistan in 2012-13, less than 3% was spent on digital media such as mobile. Why are marketers, agencies and brands in Pakistan still hesitant to adopt the MOBILE platform as part of a larger, cross-media marketing strategy?

This one day workshop is an opportunity for participants to make a realistic assessment of the opportunities and shortcomings that exist in our local mobile marketing eco-system; to gain not only an understanding of what makes mobile marketing work – but what makes it work in Pakistan.

  • Develop the right “mindset” for marketing via the mobile channel in Pakistan
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of which types of mobile marketing are likely to yield the most practical value in the Pakistan environment
  • Evaluate the market forces that can optimize your mobile marketing strategy in Pakistan’s emerging mobile marketing eco-system
  • Learn how mobile marketing can be equally successfully applied across a range of global and local industries that are both product and service based
  • Marketing professionals who want to learn more about how to make mobile part of their overall digital marketing mix
  • Brand Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Digital Media Managers
This one day workshop will cover the following topics
  • Who are we trying to reach via Mobile?
  • How SMS marketing has evolved in Pakistan
    • SMS marketing case studies in brief: methodology and ROI
  • Mobile marketing via the mobile Internet:
    • Successful use of mobile banner ads, mobile apps, QR codes, mobile websites, mobile video ads in international markets
  • Case studies/Group Work: local and international case studies showing mobile marketing success in media, FMCG, banking, insurance, automotive and aviation industries