Project Management Plus

Well known around the world for its pragmatic and interactive approach, this intensive seminar experience is a favorite of project managers and team members alike, as well as for those just starting their project management journey. Based on the famous book and taught by the author, Steve Bender, this powerful hands-on seminar teaches you how to effectively run projects and to staff them as a team member. Since this seminar is based on the real world of projects, real reasons for project success and failure are discussed, with practical solutions. Participants are taught specific powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to rapidly change their own methods and behaviors in the way they choose.
This is an advanced course recommended for:
  • Project Managers and Team Members
  • Process Group Members
  • Trainers
  • Professionals willing to try unique and unusual methods to change things now with lasting results (This course teaches advanced NLP techniques.)
  • Professionals who want to make the difference using the 5 essential "key ingredients" of project success
  • Definition of Projects-What is and what is not a project
  • Creativity Techniques and Requirements Gathering
    • Role of creativity in technical areas. Detect, Test and Remove ambiguities in project requirements, How to elicit requirements correctly
  • Team Building
  • Roles of Team Members and Project Managers
  • Conflict Management and Dealing with Criticism
    • Methods and self-assessment, Being immune to criticism-there is no failure, only feedback
  • Stress Management
    • Changing micro-management, Alternative quick antistress method, Drill and practice, Initiatives taken by team to get the job done
  • Project Quality
    • Technical TQM Overview- Why projects fail, Why is quality squeezed, Cost of (poor) quality, Analysis of Quality
  • Technical and Behavioral Project Pressures
    • Limited role of tools, Technical overview, Steps we skip and What makes the difference
  • Technical Project Management Review
    • Critical path diagraming- The best people are on the critical path and the trainees are off the critical path
  • Work Planning
    • Personal strengths and needs, Time wasters, Changing bad habits right away, How to restructure your day and double the productivity
  • Effective staffing, Working and Motivation
  • Communication Quality
    • Biggest offenders and antidotes
  • Presentation and Team Effectiveness
    • The power of metaphors, Team dynamics, Dysfunctions and remedies, Importance of problem definition and Voicing assumptions
  • Change Management
    • Key allies, Critical mass of support, Dealing with reactions and Making improvement