Developing Service Culture and Mindset


This course is a comprehensive development program designed to help planners, Sr customer service managers and team leaders deliver a world class customer experience.

The program draws on the latest thinking on service culture & mindset, vision & mission, ways to measure customer services, site selection, people quality, behaviors and customer experience management.


This course is highly recommended for all executives, senior managers and others in all sectors that have a need to lead and embed a service excellence culture in their organization.

  • Customer Services Professionals
  • Retail Store Managers
  • Planners
  • Managers & Supervisors

This course will address the process of designing and implementing a customer centric culture and mind set as a major competitive tool .By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of customer service in a today’s competitive environment.
  • Learn different techniques to measure customer services and how to delight customers.
  • Realize the importance of having a vision, mission, strategy and core values.
  • How to select a good site and what facilities, services to be offered.
  • How to develop a service culture and mindset in the organization.
Module 1: Vision, Mission, Core Values & Strategy
  • Definition of Vision & Mission
  • Importance of having a Vision & Mission
  • What do we mean by values? Different values.
  • Difference between ON service and IN service strategy.
  • Touch points?
Module 2: Customer Services and different factors
  • People, Time, Circumstances, Situations, Expectations
  • Components of customer services.
  • Tangible aspects and Intangible aspects.
Module 3: Customer Services and Quality of the people
  • What different qualities they should possess.
Module 4: Customer Served Vs Customer Satisfied
  • Difference between customer served and satisfied.
  • Outcome of both types of services.
Module 5: The Rater Model
Module 6: The Service Ladder
Module 7: Behavioral Concept & Its Impact
  • Passive behavior
  • Assertive behavior
  • Aggressive behavior
Module 8: Developing Positive Perception
  • Ways to develop positive perception
Module 9: Handy Service Toolbox
  • Why do customers leave
  • First Impression
  • How to greet?
  • Service recovery
Module 10: How services can be measured?
  • Different tools available
  • Resources
  • Models
Module 11: Strategic Steps taken by Top customer focused companies
(A researched base study)
Module 12: Facts & Figures about Customer Services
Module 13: Small things that makes BIG difference