Developing Effective People Management Skills


This course is designed to enable participants to successfully manage people and bring the best out of them. The course will focus on interpersonal skills required to communicate with people effectively and motivate people towards business goals. Handling difficult individuals and situations for better results will also be covered in this course


Course is designed for managers, supervisors and professionals at all levels, who want to get a structured overview of various elements of managing people

  • Gain an insight on what it means to be an effective people manager
  • Develop emotional intelligence for better interaction with people
  • Encourage and inspire people to perform at their best
  • Have a deeper understanding of the different aspects of people management
  • Be able to address the challenges faced by a people manager
  • Dealing with difficult people including managing resistance and conflict resolution
Core Activity: People & Process Improvement
  • The People Management Mindset
  • Activity: The Age of the Lady
  • Power of Positivity in People Management
  • People Motivation – The Experiment’s View
  • Communicating Impact of Efforts of People
Core Activity: Personal/Organizational Values & People Management
  • Common Mistakes by Successful People Managers
  • Video Discussion
  • People Management – Communication Styles
  • Self-Assessment: What is your Style
  • Role of Listening in People Management
  • Video Discussion Activity: The Wright Family Vacation
  • Getting the Direction Right
  • Video Discussion
Core Activity: Key Traits of People Management
  • Managing Conflict & Consensus
  • People Management in Action
  • Activity: The Name Game
  • Handling Tough Situations
  • Video Discussion
  • Role of Emotional Quotient (EQ)
  • Self-Assessment: What is your EQ?
  • Learning from Failure
  • People Management at its Best
  • Video Discussion
Core Activity: Managing People under Pressure
  • Summary, Review & Future Plan of Action
  • Delegates will complete an action plan to commit themselves to new practices on return to work