The course will allow you to ready yourself for effective listening, writing and speaking by discovering the root cause of the poor communication that may be a habit, belief, behavior or one of the many other possibilities. The course will include key techniques, thorough guidelines and practical approaches about summarizing and presenting information in an eloquent manner, sentence structuring and about other business communication concepts and skills. Different activities and case studies will be used for high degree of intellectual stimulation for better internalization.


The course is extremely relevant for those who are looking to improve their business communication skills and improve their work relationships with result-oriented communication.

Activity: Improve, Improve, Improve
The Right Communication Mindset
  • What stops you from Effective Communication?
  • Choice of Medium as per the Situation
Message Efficiency vs. Message Effectiveness
  • Verbal vs. Non-Verbal Communication
  • Perspectives affecting Communication
Activity: Age of the Lady Your View vs. Other Person’s View
  • Fixing the Credibility Gap
Activity: The Recognition Technique
  • Adding Too Much Value
Case Study: CEO of a Food Packaging Company
  • The Right Communication Attitude
  • Role of Emotional Quotient (EQ) in Communication
Self-Assessment: How Emotionally Intelligent you are?
Verbal Communication
  • Phrasing your argument in a Correct Manner
Video Discussion
  • Choice of Right Words
Replacing Danger Phrases with Power Phrases
  • The Communication Styles Matrix
Self-Assessment: Which Style are you?
  • Clouding the Message with Generalizations
Non-Verbal Communication
  • Use of Body Language to Convey Message
Gestures & Postures
Video Discussion
  • Selecting the Right Voice Tone
Video Discussion
  • Recognizing Non-Verbal Cues
  • Deciphering the Eye Movement Grid
Listening for Attention
  • The Power of Active Listening
Video Discussion
  • Just the Facts” Listening
  • Listening & Responding to a Tough Question/Situation
Video Discussion: 3 Videos – 3 Styles
  • Poor Listening Habits
Video Discussion
Writing for Impact
  • When to Write & When to Not
  • Drafting Good Subject Lines
  • Putting your Main Point First
  • Ambiguous References in Sentence Structuring
Inspiring Conversations
  • The First 8 Seconds
  • Using OAS for Ice-Breaking
  • Communication Lessons from Nelson Mandela
Video Discussion Core Activity 1: Consolidating Communication
Core Activity 2: Communicating for Collaboration Summary, Review & Future Plan of Action
Delegates will complete an action plan to commit themselves to new practices on return to work.