Action Centred Leadership


This course combines two time-tested results driven methodologies created by Edward de Bono: Six Thinking Hats® and Lateral Thinking™

As a result of learning the tools in these systems, participants will enhance their communication skills, generate more creative ideas, reduce conflict, and improve team results.


Gupta’s work is highly popular and relevant in the sphere of business - largely because of the perceived need to restructure corporations, to allow more flexible working practices and to innovate in products and services.

This event has been specifically designed with the public and private sector in mind: Directors, General Managers, CEO’s, HR & Training, Marketing, IT, and Finance, as well as those responsible for their companies’ innovation, product management and communication strategies.

However, the information presented will also be pertinent to people of all ages no matter what their occupation.

Turning On Your Creativity
  • Why you can’t succeed without it
  • Why information analysis and conventional problem-solving are not enough any more
The Practical Application of Conceptual Thinking in Your Organisation
  • Creativity is not just talent or chance – it’s a learnable process
  • Why removal of fears and inhibitions is not very effective:
    • Specific creativity techniques you can learn, practice and use right away
Take Advantage of Creativity
  • Understanding the brain as a self-organising, pattern-making system
  • Recognising the need to cut across patterns and see things in new ways
  • The great significance of humor in the creative process
The Growing Need for Creativity and Concept Development in Business Today
  • As competition intensifies, the need for creative thinking increases
  • Efficiency and problem-solving are no longer sufficient for success
  • Developing new concepts at the strategic and front-line levels of your organisation: How to make creativity everybody’s business
Six Thinking Hats for Focused Thinking
  • Move from one-dimensional to six-dimensional thinking
  • Lead more productive, innovative meetings
  • Learn to think as a team
Value Monopolies
  • How to compete successfully in today’s marketplace
  • Applying the new concepts of Value Monopolies and Sur/petition to your business
  • The need to set up formal concept R&D departments
Lateral Thinking for Business
  • Understand Lateral Thinking and how it is being successfully applied to business
  • Lateral Thinking as a process
  • Step-by-step use of deliberate Lateral Thinking tools individually and throughout your organisation
How to Use the Key Elements of Lateral Thinking: CONTINUITY, ALTERNATIVES AND PROVOCATION Harvesting New Ideas
  • The best ways to collect and extract new ideas
  • Seven methods to harvest ideas
Key Focus Areas
  • Four methods to develop your hit list
  • How to extract the maximum from your ideas
How to Become an Idea Generator
  • The three basic principles that underlie all Creativity
Putting Creativity to Work
  • How much time to spend on Creativity in your business
  • The benefits of group versus individual Creativity
  • Building Creativity into your everyday operations.