MS Excel - Skill Check Assessment

05:22 pm Sunday, September 20, 2020 (GMT+4)

Q1: Study the orange highlighted cells in the screenshot below. Which of the following options best represent the cell reference(s) which includes all of the highlighted cells?

Q2: What is the last column alphabet and last row number in EXCEL 2007/2010?

Q3: Which of the following option(s) represent the correct formula to multiply two values located in cells A1 and A2 with each other?

Q4: Is it possible to use Excel as you would a calculator? For example, what happens if you enter: =1+10 in a cell?

Q5: Which formula can be used to combine text from several cells into one cell?

Q6: Which formula you will use to convert first character of the word in capital in cell A2?

Q7: Shortcut of moving between Sheets?

Q8: How do you display current date and time in MS Excel?

Q9: James wishes to work out the total for the weekly grocery bill for himself and his roommate. Study the screenshot below. The total should display in cell B16 (highlighted in green). Which of the following methods will successful in displaying the total?

Q10: Which of the below formulas contain an error that will prevent it from working?

Q11: To quickly move back to the first cell of your worksheet (usually A1), which shortcut combination would you use?

Q12: To clean what looks like two extra spaces within cell A2 of a worksheet, which of the following TRIM functions are correct?

Q13: What does the cell reference: A10:A13 mean?

Q14: Study the formula in the cell A5 in the screenshot below. Carefully review the cells included in the formula and the symbols included. Based on your observations, which of the following options represent the result of this formula?

Q15: Pivot tables can be refreshed automatically?

Q16: There are three worksheets with every new workbook. You can change that automatic number if you want to?

Q17: What will be the result according to this formula: =VLOOKUP(B1,A4:B8,2)?

Q18: Study the screenshot below. Which of the following options represent what will be displayed in the selected cell (A3) after the Enter key is pressed?

Q19: Study the screenshot of a timesheet below. Britney wishes to insert multiple rows to add her lunch breaks for the whole year. How can she quickly insert rows by using a shortcut key combination?

Q20: If you quickly want to undo or redo an action in Excel, which shortcut keys would you use?

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